FArF: Uhura by Pocketuti

In honor of Women’s History Month, I can’t think of a better way to start than with this First Lady of Star Trek — Uhura!  I love this pen work by pocketuti!  Her eyes, the serene smile, perfection! <3 (and pen is hard to draw with)  The artist does many wonderful face portraits, check her out here.


4 thoughts on “FArF: Uhura by Pocketuti

  1. Nichelle Nichols is such a beauty; I thought she was a lot prettier than most of the female guest stars and wondered why they didn’t make more use of her.

    • Yes, It is a shame they didn’t use her as much as they could have — she wasn’t even in the last two episodes. I wonder if they didn’t focus on her for fear of losing Southern viewers (hope not), But then again, with Shatner eating up every scene, the secondary stars of the series grabbed whatever they could.
      I see a good prospect for a article here – Thanks for the ides, Cory!

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