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My Weekly Spock – Halloween Edition; Spock goes Trick or Treating.

Since Halloween is this Thursday, I wanted to give all my Scrappers a treat!   It’s always so nice to see Spock out of uniform, :-P, so I thought it would be fun to recall all the times Mr. Spock had to conceal his…non-conformity. Nimoy must have been the costumer William Ware Theiss’ dream, with a tall slender but muscled physique that made him the perfect clothes horse!  Of course, if Spock came trick or treating, I’d give him the whole bowl of candy…then lock him inside for the night!  Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Here’s my 10 favorite Spock Costumes.sog (All collages by me, click on the thumbnails for more detail).

10)  I Wanna be a Cowboy–Not a full costume, but man, he’s totally working the  gun-belt!  (From Spectre of the Gun)


9) Off-Duty — We never see when or where Spock changed into this green utilitarian jumpsuit (and lace-up army boots) but I have no doubt that Leila gave him a good excuse to tear out of his duty blues!

bac8)   The Slave – A simple look from Bread and Circuses.  Spock wears  grey trousers and nicely fills out the chain link sweatshirt of the  other ‘Sun Worshipers’ of the 20th century Romans, but conceals his points under a sleek knit cap. Extra points for bare biceps.

CEF collage7) Depression Laborer – Another knit cap, and they were sure lucky to find perfectly fitting ‘Mom’ jeans and shirts in Edith Keeler’s world! Extra points for the  green pea coat.  There’s got to be a gif of Spock tucking in his shirt somewhere! (The City On the Edge of Forever)

ROA coll6) Just another Archon – (Return of the Archons) Spock always cut a dashing figure in a cape, and this is my favorite! The draped cowl perfectly frames his angular features.   The sleekness continues with the sharp cut of his trouser and vest combo.

EOM collage5) A Dealer of Kevas and Trillium: (Errand of Mercy) Another cape, but none of the natives had any problem with his ears here (perhaps because they were really just blobs of energy to begin with!)  Bonus points for the lovely dark blue velvet, long skinny legs in tights, and for being a precursor to the 1980’s in furry dancer leggings!

pscoll4) A Platonian Serenader(Plato’s Stepchildren) Could you imagine how Spock would have reacted as he was forced to wear this green toga? (Most illogical!)  Spock’s gown was a lot more dignified than Kirks, and the lovely deep green set off his dark hair.

POF Col3) Nazi His Style — Spock got to wear two different Nazi uniforms in Patterns of Force, and although it’s true that the Nazi’s (here as Ekosians) were pure evil, they did have very sharp, beautifully tailored uniforms. (aside from Hitler’s name on the armband) Of course, Spock fans prefer when Spock isn’t wearing the top of uniform at all!–a whole 20 minutes of the episode.

MM2) A Pirate’s Life for Him— Now granted, this is the Spock from the alternate Universe,(Mirror,Mirror) but damn!  Alternate Spock’s uniform was given even more elegant detail than Kirk’s golden  vest;  The tunic was a shiny blue single-breasted jacket, piped in gold with gold sash, and the cravat at the neck accented his magnificent goatee (Swoon!), giving the look an almost gi quality. Wish we could have seen a sequel  episode with this Spock.  Note the boots also are practically thigh-high, making the look even more sinister.

apota1) A Piece of That Action – Spock goes gangster, and the crowd raves — fortunately Kirk and Spock yet again are able to steal perfectly fitting suits (and shoes) from the natives on Sigma Iotia II!   His pointy ears aren’t well disguised, but who cares?  He’s dressed to kill! (Gotta say, Bill and Leonard look so beautiful in this episode, I could die!–I’d go crazy if  these suits were still around and went up for auction!) (A Piece of the Action)

3/22/13– A Little Shatner Love! Happy 82nd Birthday William Shatner!

I have to confess, TrekkerScrapbook is often Spock/Nimoy-Centric.  But on a day like this one has to recall the joy and blessing of William Shatner! What a wonderful, funny, intense, caring, delightful and damned sexy actor! Man, Talk about Captain CHARMING!  That naughty smirk, that dash of hair across his brow, and those HAZEL EYES!!!! Lord have Mercy. They don’t make ’em like this anymore!

Honestly, can you imagine how different (and probably a LOT less fun) the Original Star Trek may have been WITHOUT him?  I know I’ve made fun of Kirk’s character a lot here, but I’ve always loved Bill Shatner!   I’ve included some of his funniest, sexiest, and most dramatic moments here. What a treasure.  He’ll always be the Captain of Our Hearts!

 A Very, Very Happy 82nd Birthday Bill! Just for you, a very special (and long overdue) “Kirk Kollage” ! 

With Love and Blessings from trekkerscrapbook.com!

Bill Shatner 82 B-Day 2013

FArFri 3/8/13 ‘Trapped with Spock and Kirk’ by Marcelo Baez

Ah, what’s a girl to do? Some fun, flirtatious art by Marcelo Baez on DeviantArt. Note she’s carrying an old Polaroid Land Camera instead of a Tricorder!  (Wouldn’t this make a great comic book?)


My Weekly Spock 1/7/13 “Lounge Leonard”


I haven’t forgotten to give you Nimoyans your Monday fix!  (It’s been very busy!)  Well sir,  aren’t we comfy? Only Paris could make plaid work with floral!

FArFri — “Check Up Time” by Nunar

Here’s today’s Fan Art — ‘Check Up Time by artist Nunar on Deviant Art — Just when you think Spock couldn’t get any sexier…   The artist took this innocuous scene

…and emphasized what drove us all crazy about it — Spock in a black tee shirt!

Lord have mercy!