3/22/13– A Little Shatner Love! Happy 82nd Birthday William Shatner!

I have to confess, TrekkerScrapbook is often Spock/Nimoy-Centric.  But on a day like this one has to recall the joy and blessing of William Shatner! What a wonderful, funny, intense, caring, delightful and damned sexy actor! Man, Talk about Captain CHARMING!  That naughty smirk, that dash of hair across his brow, and those HAZEL EYES!!!! Lord have Mercy. They don’t make ’em like this anymore!

Honestly, can you imagine how different (and probably a LOT less fun) the Original Star Trek may have been WITHOUT him?  I know I’ve made fun of Kirk’s character a lot here, but I’ve always loved Bill Shatner!   I’ve included some of his funniest, sexiest, and most dramatic moments here. What a treasure.  He’ll always be the Captain of Our Hearts!

 A Very, Very Happy 82nd Birthday Bill! Just for you, a very special (and long overdue) “Kirk Kollage” ! 

With Love and Blessings from trekkerscrapbook.com!

Bill Shatner 82 B-Day 2013

5 thoughts on “3/22/13– A Little Shatner Love! Happy 82nd Birthday William Shatner!

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  2. I’ve always loved Kirk,with his witty sense of humor and his cavalier damn or be damned attitude May he be on our
    planet for many,many more years!

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  5. I’ve noticed that Shatner still has that twinkle in eyes and that infectious, sincere smile that he had in his high-school picture–something that clearly was missing from the first Star Trek pilot. And his sexy physique clearly was not a disadvantage. (I noticed how in Shatner’s pilot the cameraman (or woman?) focused on his sexuality in the scenes.

    Even though I’m several days late with my birthday greeting, I hope that he’s had a wonderful birthday on the 22nd, and will continue to have many, many more! And I’d like nothing better than to see him make an appearance in The Big Bang Theory!


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