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FArFri 3/8/13 ‘Trapped with Spock and Kirk’ by Marcelo Baez

Ah, what’s a girl to do? Some fun, flirtatious art by Marcelo Baez on DeviantArt. Note she’s carrying an old Polaroid Land Camera instead of a Tricorder!  (Wouldn’t this make a great comic book?)


FArFri 2/22/13 Spock and Zarabeth by Marcello Baez

Spock_And_Zarabeth_by_Marcelo_BaezContinuing our romantic theme for February, here’s a beautiful, if sad moment in Star Trek history.  Spock reluctantly  bids Zarabeth goodbye in Spock and Zarabeth by artist Marcelo Baez. You can really feel the cold here.   It’s nice to see that many modern artists still like to draw characters and images from this classic series, and Bael is a wonderful artist!   I recall wishing that Spock could have taken her with him!  Well, they’ll always have that cave!