10 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Trailer Spock

  1. Faaaaaaaascinating to see these pix pop up after so many decades.! I think I still have the negatives if anyone wants copies. Hmmm. Do they even process negatives any more? This was a fun day with Paula Crist, Ev Turner and Rita Ractliffe(?)

      • I don’t know what all you have here (will look this weekend) but I might have some more fun stuff from back in the day to share. Do you accept old fanzines full of photos and fans from Back in da Day?

  2. Linda! I knew those pix looked familiar! If you want, you can send me negs, I’ll digitize them and send the negs and cd back to you. These should be kept alive.

    How did Paula get cropped out of the photos? Did I take them so everyone else could be in them? I remember several times doing that, and not one person could ever be bothered to reciprocate so that I could have a pic with the guys. Really regret that now.

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