My Weekly Spock: Trailer Spock

Here’s some great rare shots of Leonard as Spock in a green jumpsuit! I’m guessing he’s in front of his trailer. Most likely  during the filming of This Side of Paradise. Who else could make a jumpsuit look this good?  Makes me smile!

11539029_10206053853639492_1564211356004665390_o 11717544_10206053745716794_8986437701654314273_o

10 responses to “My Weekly Spock: Trailer Spock

  1. Patricia Merriken



  2. Cool shots! Yes it does look like it’s from This Side of Paradise


  3. Or during “Spock’s Brain,” since he wore the same jumpsuit for that.


  4. I thought it was possibly from Spock’s Brain too, but no way to tell. (Although he’s not wearing the remote thingy on his head)


  5. Faaaaaaaascinating to see these pix pop up after so many decades.! I think I still have the negatives if anyone wants copies. Hmmm. Do they even process negatives any more? This was a fun day with Paula Crist, Ev Turner and Rita Ractliffe(?)

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    • You have negatives! Yes, they can still be processed, but I think you’d have to send them to a special company. Here’s one I found online:

      Now Linda, were you there? What happened on this ‘fun day’?


      • I don’t know what all you have here (will look this weekend) but I might have some more fun stuff from back in the day to share. Do you accept old fanzines full of photos and fans from Back in da Day?

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  6. Yes! Please contact me at I’d love to see it! Thanks Linda!


  7. Linda! I knew those pix looked familiar! If you want, you can send me negs, I’ll digitize them and send the negs and cd back to you. These should be kept alive.

    How did Paula get cropped out of the photos? Did I take them so everyone else could be in them? I remember several times doing that, and not one person could ever be bothered to reciprocate so that I could have a pic with the guys. Really regret that now.


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