My Weekly Spock: Father and Son

This week, my oldest son Steve is turning 19!  So proud of him and thankful for my beautiful son!  It got me in mind to post these of Leonard and his son Adam. 🙂

10325799_10209095963102062_3184188725974978729_n Twin 12202599_525139407663892_2100129231_n








3 responses to “My Weekly Spock: Father and Son

  1. You can see the resembles between father and son, is his son into acting or has he shored away from it?


    • The son was a director for awhile; he directed an episode or two of several different TV shows in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Leonard got him in the door at TNG, and Adam was allowed to shadow the TNG directors and learn from them.

      Adam usually directs only one or two episodes of any given series, which makes me think that he’s probably nowhere near as talented at directing as his father was at acting; he’s never really had a steady gig.


  2. Congratulations on successfully raising a son to adulthood (or something approximating adulthood, at least. :-D)


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