Trailer for New ‘Trek” on CBS (for 2017)

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I see a brief trailer has been released for the new TV version of Star Trek.  It’s just fancy CGI, dramatic music, exploding planets and asteroids, but at the end we hear the first familiar chords of the classic Trek fanfare.  It promises “New Crews, New Villians, New Heroes, New Worlds”.

Then, for a moment, it gave me a ray of hope, stating:

“Premiering January 2017 on CBS.”

What’s this?  Have The Powers That Be finally decided to air the new Trek for all to see on Broadcast Network TV?        But wait, no…

“And coming to CBS All Access”.

Crap! Apparently the network will only give us one episode and soak us for the rest.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of Trek fans being fleeced whenever a new Trek project arises.

There’s a petition on Care2 petitions that demands that CBS make Trek free for all, and I agree.  It’s only a little over halfway to it’s goal of 1000, let’s take it over the top!

In the meantime, let’s hope this one will be true to Gene’s vision.

4 thoughts on “Trailer for New ‘Trek” on CBS (for 2017)

  1. LOL Broadcast television? What’s that? No thanks. If CBS believes in their Star Trek enough to use it to complete with Netflix and Amazon, that’s great. And no, things that cost money to make are not free, not even Star Trek.

  2. But if they’re interested in making money- broadcast will get them far more viewers. And yes, there are some people who cannot afford another (if any) streaming service, so there’s nothing wrong with putting it on their regular lineup.

  3. When Star Trek tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator, it’s usually bad Trek; good Trek is usually something that appeals to relatively few people. So I think that it may be in Trekkies’ best interests to pay for a quality Trek program that’s geared to people who want thoughtful science fiction, rather than mindless action.

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