Wideo Wednesday: Nimoy as Sherlock in “The Interior Motive” (1975)

Leonard made this little gem of a scientific educational video for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1975 for the series The Universe and I.   The acting’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s all in good fun, as it was used  in closed circuit TV in Kentucky public schools. They were filmed in Kentucky. Fun to see Nimoy in his Sherlock Holmes character, and a good science lesson too!



3 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday: Nimoy as Sherlock in “The Interior Motive” (1975)

  1. Thanks for digging that up; I’d wanted to see Nimoy in character as Holmes! It seems as if his English accent appears and disappears. I’d expect better from an actor of Nimoy’s caliber; I wonder if he did that on purpose, to tease the children or something? (Have only watched half of it so far.)

    • I think he kept it simple, since this was an educational video -regardless of accent, maybe it was more important to pronounce everything right. I suspect when he played Holmes on stage, his accent was more level. Did anyone here see Nimoy live as Sherlock? Pray tell if you have!

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