I Finally Wept – A Year Later. Remembering Leonard


A beautiful portrait of Leonard in the “Vincent” years.

One year ago today, when Leonard Nimoy passed away from end-stage COPD, I sat back and reflected on how this wonderful actor affected the lives and joys of so many people around the world, and how he’d be sorely missed.  I wrote this remembrance, and noted there that although I was saddened, I didn’t actually weep tears over his passing.

Well, it only took nearly a year, but it finally happened.  It didn’t last long, but it felt good to get it out at last.  It started a few weeks ago when I was surfing for more material to use here when I came across many posts about Trek‘s upcoming 50th anniversary.  I could see that Shatner and others were gearing up for the event, and realizing that Leonard isn’t here for the celebration he so richly deserved just hit me in the heart, and to my surprise, the tears flowed.  Damn, I thought this is so unfair!  The one person who to me was Star Trek isn’t here to enjoy the celebration.  It made me wish so hard that he could have made it through to the anniversary, or at least to his next birthday, but it was too late.

In the end, I know that disease knows no date, nor age, nor celebrity.  And a condition as harsh as COPD is so awfully hard to live with, especially in the end.  If Mr. Nimoy had survived his (suspected) heart attack and deteriorating health up to the time of the anniversary, he may not have been up to much of a celebration anyway. (Although I’m sure he would have been very happy with it).

I dried my tears and sighed. But I took comfort in knowing his family was with him, and from this;  Leonard had actually had made it to the 50th anniversary of the first time he played Spock in 1964, and I’m sure he was proud of that achievement.  I had noted that milestone here, and I’m glad I did.  Leonard was well aware of the coming Trek anniversary, and I’m sure he would have loved to be part of it.  But I also know he was happy with the love and support he received from all over the world as he lived, and weren’t we lucky for his existence?

Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy.  We’ll never forget you. <3


17 thoughts on “I Finally Wept – A Year Later. Remembering Leonard

  1. On February 27, 2015, I had a migraine headache that hit me when I read the terrible news. It got progressively worse all day long. I was in emotional shock similar to that which I’ve experienced with nearby natural disasters (I live in tornado alley). Leonard had been my beloved childhood hero for decades. Now, he had passed away….l did not cry until after 10 pm that evening, but in the meantime I had nearly had a stroke and gone into a hypoglycemic coma. I ate regular meals, but my brain seemed to have consumed all my energy dealing with the shock. After I had a short snack that night I cried and cried. My headache finally went away. I love you and miss you, Leonard. <3

  2. I well remember you writing that, when he died. I was devastated, and your calm comments about how it was his time and how you weren’t too upset caused me to turn my back on your blog for quite sometime, not because I was angry with you or anything, but because I suddenly didn’t feel I had anything in common with it. I was sobbing my heart out, especially on the day of his funeral which, unfortunately, was also my birthday, and you were feeling calm and ok! I’ve gradually been creeping back to the blog. And, in a schadenfreud way, pleased that you finally cried!

    • My Gosh. J., it’s so good to hear from you, I’ve been missing you awful! I hope we’ll hear from you more soon <3 — please keep creeping back 🙂 At the time I wrote it, I was upset, but I think because I had been expecting it since he announced his COPD a year earlier, it was a bit less of a blow. But I'm glad I finally cried a little too, it felt good. I truly hope you will have a much happier birthday this year! ((Hugs))! -Therese

  3. I’ve been sad all month; to me, February has become The Month When Leonard Nimoy Died. I feel kind of embarrassed about this, since 57-year-old women aren’t expected to take the loss of an actor so seriously. But he was important to me, and I guess he always will be.

    • Cory, the ones we love are always in our hearts <3 whether we knew them personally or not. Today's other (and much older) significance to me is that it is my late Mom's birthday. Were she still alive today, she would have been 96; hard to believe it's been nearly three years now since her passing, but although I'm sad, my Mom is always with me. I laid a bouquet on my Mom & Dad's graves today; they guide me still. Nimoy's a bit of a guardian angel to me too, as his love of life was and is always an inspiration. Hugs to you, sweetheart <3

  4. For weeks after Feb. 27, I woke up to the thought that Leonard Nimoy died. Eventually it eased off. But I also was grieving but unable to cry; this lasted about a month. God I miss him. God I wish he were still here. I hope that someday my joy that he lived will eclipse my sense of unutterable loss. But I’m not there yet.

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