My Weekly Spock – Tuxedo Junction

Last night was the Oscars, and in awards season, it was always nice to see Leonard in a Tux!  I don’t know who made the Spock mash-up, but it works!      😉  Also including here an video of Leonard talking about being nominated for an Emmy and how Sci-Fi is rarely respected in the awards column.  A shame he never did get an Emmy for Spock, although he was nominated for all three seasons.  I bet if Trek went on, he would have kept on being nominated, but I doubt the Emmy’s would have recognized his brilliance   🙁  He’ll always be a winner to me!

11207370_10206566998795896_5311220187219325991_n11150531_10206566994915799_3896684019242917585_n Spock Tux

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