FArF: The Tastiest of Nimoy Sunset Pie

On Tumblr, there has been a wonderfully eccentric blog called “Nimoy Sunset Pie“, which ran from 2010-2013.  In this gallery the artist combined three of their favorite things: Sunsets, Pie, and Leonard Nimoy, and has given us a delightful mixture of  sweet and Spock!   As we approach the sad anniversary of Nimoy’s passing, it seems appropriate to send him off into the most lovable of sunsets.

Who’d have known Spock was so addicted to pie?   Here’s just a ‘taste’ of this brilliant deliciousness — I added my own at the bottom.   Enjoy, and have a sweet weekend.  <3



My God, it's full of Pies!

My God, it’s full of Pies!


Did Someone Say Pie?


Affinity for Cherry…


The 40 Year-Old Pie Eater


Pie In the Sky


Let’s Get it On!


Nimoy Rise

The Vulcan lime tango

The Vulcan Lime Tango

SunsetSpock Pie

My creation, made last May.


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