Celeste Update: Another Rough Week, but Over 20,000!

Celeste corset

Celeste gave us two updates today — she is thankfully home from the hospital but is using a nebulizer to help her breathing as she recovers from Bronchitis. (Thank God it didn’t develop into Pneumonia) Unfortunately, she developed a hernia from all the awful coughing. Please pray for her continued recovery and good health!  And please share this and donate any amount you can —  The Cancer Fund has passed $20,000, but if all my subscribers and ‘Likes’ here can contribute only $5.00 each this week, we can reach the mid-way mark by next Monday!! PLEASE contribute what you can!  You can donate HERE.  These complications have added more to her bills! Hang in there, Celeste! Our love, prayers and support are with you!  <3  Here’s part of her updates:

I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support. It means so much to me as I am doing my best to recover from this horrible bronchitis, on top of cancer, now that I am home. But it just doesn’t want to let up. I am supposed to be at chemo on Saturday but not sure if I will be well enough to make it but I am doing my best and using the new home nebulizer unit with the two medications prescribed. They do help me to be able to breathe a bit better which has been so difficult but I am so lucky it didn’t go into pneumonia. Still I cannot take a good breath without choking.

Loads of love back to each and everyone of you for being so very generous in the supporting of my care.

One thought on “Celeste Update: Another Rough Week, but Over 20,000!

  1. Celeste commented on the comic above on Facebook:

    “Special thanks to our dear friend Therese Bohn of http://www.trekkerscrapbook.com for all her love, help and support. I love this image that she created to help share our gofundme page.

    At her website she explains how because of the bronchitis and coughing so hard I am now dealing with a hernia on my recent cancer surgical incision and must wear an abdominal binder. She turned the binder idea into something really fun, a corset, and I so appreciate her humor!

    Thank you again to everyone for being of so much help.

    Love from

    Celeste, you are ever so welcome! <3 <3

    I ask you all to keep donating! Every little bit helps! And please share this too! http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs
    Thanks~ Therese

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