My Weekly Spock- Beautiful Burgundy

If there is any up side to Mr. Nimoy’s passing, it’s that we’ll see many more pictures that we’ve never seen before!  Like these beauties from the 70’s. (Disco Leonard?)  I think the burgundy was a beautiful color on him.

70s.2 70s.3 70s.4 70s.jog

3 responses to “My Weekly Spock- Beautiful Burgundy

  1. I wonder if they shot this through a red lens. Leonard’s skin and hair look reddish.

    I still can’t believe he’s gone. 8-(

  2. I tried adjusting the color in Photoshop, but just couldn’t get the red out! Maybe there was a red lens, or maybe just the lighting at whatever event that was! But I love these!
    I was hoping he’d make it to next year, and to the 50th anniversary of Trek, but in a way, he did have his own 50th Trek Anniversary last year, when the 50th anniversary of The Cage happened! 🙂
    Leonard had a wonderful life, and weren’t we lucky to have him? We will continue to celebrate his life here 🙂

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