Please Don’t Shop on Thanksgiving.

Hey Kids, (Especially my American ones)

I came across a few articles recently regarding ‘Grey Thursday’ which is basically the American Retail Community stretching it’s annual “Black Friday” sales backward into Thanksgiving.  This trend started last year, and it is increasing its presence this year.

Personally I find this disgusting.

I can understand the need for some businesses to be open on this national holiday, (some groceries, restaurants,theaters, gas) but by insisting that retailers open their shops on Thanksgiving evening and interrupting the time that was proposed specifically as a FAMILY holiday is just plain wrong.  I mean seriously, people don’t travel hundreds of miles to just go shopping at another stinkin’ mall on Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving should be a quiet blessing of a holiday; a time for a nice meal, family visiting, and maybe some football if you like. Now to be fair, I understand that for most Americans, the Christmas season shopping season starts the day after Thanksgiving, and depending on how much of November is left after that 4th Thursday determines the length of the shopping season, and that this season is shorter because Thanksgiving is so late.  But to me this does NOT justify rushing out to Buy, buy, buy, RIGHT NOW at the expense of our treasured family time.  This trend is expanding and I fear it will become the norm.  I truly hope not.

It also begs the question of how much we really NEED.  Holiday shopping is a headache for many, mostly because they feel the stress of  “I must buy x number presents to show I care”.  Believe me America, the best gift you can give anyone in our fast-paced, consumer-inflated country is just your Precious Time.  Please don’t shop on Thanksgiving.  Don’t be seduced by the sales.  Hug your kids, have some pie, watch some football,  The stores will still be there the next day.