My Weekly Spock — From 1954: Nimoy on Dragnet

Daaaah- Da- Dum-Dum.     Daaaah- Da- Dum-Dum -DAAAAAAAAH!

Yup, anyone over 35 should recognize those famous opening bars from the great old Jack Webb series Dragnet.  (God, I’m old!) Many a young future star would be cast as that weeks latest juvenile delinquent, and Nimoy was no exception.  So without further adieu, here’s “Just the Facts, Ma’am”…

Last week we had some vintage stills from Nimoy’s appearance on Highway Patrol, this week he’s still on the wrong side of the law as young punk Julius Carver on the episode “The Big Boys” — note the goofy mustache!  Here he is with his co-conspirator in the famous ‘line-up’ pictures seen at the end of each episode!  Nimoy later appeared on Dragnet again in 1959, but I’m still looking for that one.

With all the ‘heavy’ roles he had to play, is it any wonder Nimoy was pleased to play Spock; a character his “mother could be proud of”! IMG_7803

IMG_7804 IMG_7802 Here’s a video clip I found of Nimoy’s very short scenes:

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  1. And not just his mother — I saw a YouTube interview from 1966 or 7 where Nimoy said he was glad to finally play a character his CHILDREN could be proud of. 🙂

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