The Daily Scrapbook 4/19/13 — (1978) Movie magazine sneak preview of ST:TMP

Here’s today’s flashback:  From the movie magazine I mentioned yesterday, here’s the article that would surely soothe Michael Jackson’s concerns about the Trek movie. The opening page had a good notion for ‘Then and Now” photos of the crew, yet in typical dashed fashion, the editor failed to notice that it’s Spock, Kirk and Scotty in the ’68 and Spock, Kirk and McCoy in the ’78. and of course the newer photo is printed backward! (Backward pictures and mis- identifications were always one of my pet peeves!) Also, note the quality of the magazine itself– it could only afford one glossy full color page among the newsprint pages; very common in cheaper magazines at the time, unfortunately, I didn’t write down which movie magazine this was from, but Rona Barret and Doug Rowel wrote for it.  Also, a ‘Close Up” info page all about Bill Shatner from the same magazine. V2-021-A V2-021-B V2-021-C V2-021-D V2-022