The Daily Scrapbook 1/14/13; February 18, 1978, Leonard Nimoy comes to town!

Well kids, last week,  I showed you a picture of Mr. Nimoy that a fan sent me in 1976, and this week I recall the time I finally acheived my teen heartthrob dream; Meeting Mr. Nimoy.   Well, it started in January of 1978 with the announcement that Leonard Nimoy would be in Elmira NY on a lecture circuit on  February 18 at the Clemons Center.  I was totally on board!   I was aware of this already since my quarterly bulletin from the LNAF had informed me of his impending arrival.  Suffice to say, I was buzzing for month in anticipation.   Could I get his picture and autograph?  What would I say if I met him? Could I shake his hand? (Insert teenage “squee!” here).  My mom ordered the tickets, and weeks later,  we were off to Elmira, 40 minutes away, on a freezing cold night in February.  Halfway there I realized — I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!   But then again, my pocket camera took crappy pictures and my mom’s Kodak Instamatic would be just fine, except she FORGOT HERS TOO! Crushed. I’d just have to  rely on a good memory and journaling for this one. Oh well, at least we had good seats (second row!) and  couldn’t wait to see him in person.  Looks like the poster here had some last minute editing on the date, but as long as he was really coming to town that’s all that mattered!

(Tomorrow:  Leonard Nimoy in Person!)

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