New Feature — Wideo Wednesdays

Here’s another new feature for your Trek TOS enjoyment!  Everyone love original videos, and there have been tons these on YouTube, dedicated to Trek in all it’s forms.  Every Wednesday this feature will be showcasing either a clever fan video, tribute or parody, and anything else interesting for your enjoyment.

To start things off, here’s a great mash-up video by Spockboy on You Tube — Gag reel, ‘Shore Leave’  It is BRILLIANT!

I wanted to start this series with Spockboy’s Gag Reel of “A Piece of the Action” but the jerks at YouTube removed it!  If I can find it anywhere else, I will post it – it is divine!

3 responses to “New Feature — Wideo Wednesdays

  1. Brilliant! I look forward to more of these. Do you know “What’s in Spock’s Scanner?” A series of three of the funniest Trek vids I’ve ever seen 🙂


  2. I’ll look it up, win!


  3. Be sure you do. The world deserves to see them! Even my non-Trek son laughed like a drain all through


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