The Daily Scrapbook 10/10/12

Here’s today’s flashback, and a real taste of how Trek fandom had gone crazy!  Looks like Trekkies were supporting a good chunk of the American economy, with these two long-gone ‘enterprises’.  Imagine, two actual stores completely devoted to Trek merchandise — like a convention ‘huckster’ room every day!  Heck, if Star Wars hadn’t come along, these may still be in business!

First, the mail order service STAR TREK GALORE in Longbeach Florida, and then the famous actual storefront  FEDERATION TRADING POST in midtown Manhattan;  it must have been Trekkie paradise!  I could only imagine going there ( I had received these in the mail) and spending the day shopping for buttons, stills, and maybe a set of pointed ears.  I can see the owners gleefully rubbing their hands together as the new Trek devotees ate it all up.  And how I would have killed to see “The Only Star Trek Museum in the Galaxy!”

Anyone here ever see or hear or know more of these now defunct businesses? Would love to see any other info or pictures…  Love the artwork on these .

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  1. I remember, with delight, cutting school and taking the subway to the Federation Trading Post! The museum (not that much to see but still fun), the barrel of tribbles, the fantastic junk, the fellow fans. In those prior to ebay/internet days all we had were mags and conventions to feed our appetite for all things Trek. The FTP was unique and fantastic, like being able to visit a Trek convention anytime. It was so much fun. Sure beat school! A skyscraper now stands on the spot where the little townhouse that housed this jewel was. I pass it sometimes and wistfully remember those late 70s days of wonder.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Scott, what a wonderful memory! If only I knew about this back then I would have bee-lined it while I was there for the convention! (and I trust you graduated successfully!) 😉 What was in the ‘museum’?

  3. Therese:
    Indeed I managed, somehow, to eventually graduate law school, in spite of numerous lost days to FTP. The museum actually had a lot to see, the issue was that I rarely saw it up close. The doorway to the museum (shaped like an upside down diamond, how futuristic!), was always blocked by three horizontal poles, which allowed you to look from the doorway into the museum, but not to enter the room. I recall I once got in, supervised by a staff employee, after a purchase, otherwise the museum was a tease. But boy did they have great stuff: a full size Nomad replica, a six foot Klingon ship, genuine props from the show such as uniforms and prop phasers, screen used Spock ears, a Gorn mask, sick bay props, and it was in a single room, so you could see most of it from the doorway. This was the stuff of legend, in those pre-ebay days. The store was filled with photos, magazines, books, fanzines, models,t shirts, buttons, posters, calendars, uniforms, the aforementioned barrel of tribbles, toys and lots of other items ALL Trek! All this in a small gray townhouse, about 10 feet off the street up a small stairway, behind a store front size window painted white, with the image of Spock giving the Vulcan salute, in black, and the words Federation Trading Post proudly announcing the worlds only Trek store in those dark post show/pre-film days. It really was the only store like it, of its time. One day i showed up to find the door locked, never again to reopen. I wish I still had something from there today, any small totem, to help remember those days of wonder. I would give a pretty penny for that window today, too!
    Best regards, Scott

  4. A quick follow up. I just recalled I might have a few things at my folks house, its possible they may come from FTP. If I can ID them as such I will scan them and send them to you for posting, if you wish.

  5. Thank you Scott that would be great! I can see that the impression of this place looms large in your memory, just wonderful. Gee, I wonder what happened to all that stuff — probably sold on eBay! I can understand why it was barred off, I wouldn’t want any of that stuff stolen. I had a pal in the 1980’s named Bill Kobylak who had some original Trek stuff too, including one or two of those number tags worn by the Alice series in I, Mudd! I should look him up, maybe if he still has them I can get him to post stuff here. (no idea where he is these days). Was the drawing of Spock anything like the blue sketch on the above flyer? Thanks again for this great nostalgic trip, and yes, if you find any of your stuff, just send them to me at
    I’m grinning from ear to ear; nice way to start a week !

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    • Thanks Chase! Hmm, wouldn’t it be cool of Robert Brown worked there (between jobs?) 🙂 Between ’71 and ’72 he was on a series called Primus, and a year later he did an episode of “The New Dick Van Dyke Show” Hmm. Thanks for the link of that crazy old game!

  7. In the seventies, I was in grade school out on Long Island. I was a big trek fan and this store was only a rumor that I had heard about from other kids who knew someone who had gone there. I had heard that you could buy tribbles and phaser props and the like. I was determined go find if this place really existed but in those pre- internet days it was impossible. I remember hearing things, second hand, that there was a model of the Enterprise that would move into a doomsday machine in the front window. I remember calling the operator asking for the phone number for The Federation Trading Post and when she could not find anything, I asked for all kinds of variations for her to look up: Star Trek trading post, Star trek Store, etc. But she could find nothing and my hopes were dashed. (At least I had my Donmoore Spock shirt that my mom had gotten me from A&S department store out in Huntington.)( I still have it to this day)
    Anyway, back to the FTP. Then 20 something odd years later I read production book about ST Voyager and in there, was a passing sentence about Doug Drexler running a ST store in NYC in the seventies. I was exstatic: IT WAS REAL and IT DID EXIST!!! I am still quite disappointed in Mr Drexler today for not ever telling this part of ST fandon in any detail that I could find. A picture of the interior of the store would be golden. In closing, I would like to thank for for further substantiating the existence of the mythological little known piece of ST history.

  8. Yes, it did indeed exist! Scott, I know I’ve seen pictures of the interior somewhere on ‘net. I’ll look it up. Thanks for this wonderful post, and if you can send me a picture of your Spock Tee from A&S I’ll post it here! (click contact link above) Also, there’s a wonderful interview with Doug Drexler here:
    Thanks! -Therese

    • Sure thing. I’ll see if I can dig it out this weekend. It is in great shape but it is not a t-shirt. Mine is velour and it was pretty damn close to the actual texture and color to the actual costumes. Pretty impressive for that time to be able to get a replica uniform at a major department store. Donmoore did make a shortsleaved version that was less accurate in color and was a knit fabric.

    • Hi Therese. I have some picts to send you in regard to the afore mentioned shirt. Sorry it took so long. Where can I send them to as I do not see an attachment tool here.

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