The Daily Scrapbook, Volume 1 10/2/12

Here’s today’s blast from the past.  A fascinating piece from the New York Times sent to me by one of my Aunts about rival Star Trek Conventions, all after the Trekkie dollar. (That Trek huckster is really rockin’ the Mirror Spock look) A portion of  a TV Guide article about nostalgia conventions, and a local article about Deforest Kelley being interviewed by WHRW, the local college station.   I remember listening to that radio interview, and recording it with my new, handy, bright yellow Panasonic “Take n’ Tape” Cassette recorder!  I called the station afterwards and chatted a while with the interviewer, Mona Delitsky.  She was wonderful, and thankful that someone was listening.  We chatted about our Star Trek loves for a good 20 minutes.  I vaguely recall meeting her a a later at another Trek event, and I told her about our previous conversation, but she didn’t remember it. No big deal; sometimes I don’t even remember what I ate for breakfast!