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(Belated) My Weekly Spock -Tennis Sweater and Incredible Hands

Here’s some old magazine pics I came across on FB.  Nice tennis sweater, and those remarkable hands!  Looks like he’s making the Vulcan peace sign kiss!

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FArF: A 50th Anniversary Spock!

Gotta love this: Spock finds a new way to use the Vulcan Peace Sign!  Happy 50th!  Maybe it should be called Vulcan 5-0!


The Beatles Were Trekkies! (Rare Photo!) ;-)

It’s almost to good to be true, but lo and behold — My favorite band of all time were fans of my favorite TV show of all time!

As evidenced in this extremely rare photo from late 1966 – Paul is clearly giving the Vulcan Peace Sign as John looks on from their hotel window!  I bet Trek was a huge factor in their creative drives that led to Sgt. Pepper the following year!  Wow!  Who’da thunk it???!Beatle-Trek April Fool

And by the way,  if you haven’t noticed today’s date, better read the following words backward:   LOOF LIRPA !  😉 Gotcha!  (This was hard to Photoshop!)