The Daily Scrapbook: 3/15/13 The Complete Script for The Trouble With Tribbles!

Here’s today’s flashback: From September of 1978, a READ Magazine from my High School English class which astonishingly reprints the entire screenplay from The Trouble with Tribbles! We read this aloud in class, (can’t remember which part I was) I like the sketchy illustrations within recreating the episode.   thrill for me of course since I could probably recite it by rote! Also, anyone remember GRIT newspaper? (Earn $5-$10 easy a week!)  I always wondered why a supposed ‘family paper’ had such a scuzzy name! V2-016A - CopyV2-016BV2-016CV2-016DV2-016EV2-016FV2-016GV2-016H+IV2-016JV2-016KV2-016L

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