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My Weekly Spock – As the Snow Flies…

Hi Kids,

As I write this we are at 2+ feet of snow outside my door!  (I live in NYS)  This is a whopper of a storm, so naturally I thought I should feature Spock and company in a snowy backdrop today!  Stay warm my fellow storm-bearers!

Poor Sulu. Apparently in The Enemy Within, The Enterprise forgot it had shuttlecrafts!

Spock kisses the howling wind in All Our Yesterdays.

You know it’s cold when your extremities turn white!

Happy 85th Birthday William Shatner!

Happy Birthday Bill! Have Fun and LLAP! – I’d scream if I was 85 too!              Love, Therese  🙂

Happy 85 Bill


FArFri 9/13/13 ‘Nightmare at Warp 20,000″ by John Trumball

Here’s this week’s Fan Art: A brilliant mash up of The Enemy Within and Nightmare at 20,000 Feet! Since Shatner had his toe in both series, this just totally rocks!  I love the comic-strip workings of artist John Trumball — you can see more of his work here.