My Weekly Spock – As the Snow Flies…

Hi Kids,

As I write this we are at 2+ feet of snow outside my door!  (I live in NYS)  This is a whopper of a storm, so naturally I thought I should feature Spock and company in a snowy backdrop today!  Stay warm my fellow storm-bearers!

Poor Sulu. Apparently in The Enemy Within, The Enterprise forgot it had shuttlecrafts!

Spock kisses the howling wind in All Our Yesterdays.

You know it’s cold when your extremities turn white!

3 responses to “My Weekly Spock – As the Snow Flies…

  1. All Our Yesterdays, is one of my faverate episodes, it is a good one between Spock and Bones,.


  2. They predicted that we’d have a foot of snow, but we only got 5 inches. Sorry to hear that you got two feet!

    They didn’t have a shuttlecraft set at the time of “The Enemy Within,” because they couldn’t afford one. They eventually cut a deal with a toy manufacturer, and the toy company built them a shuttlecraft set in exchange for the rights to market shuttlecraft toys. (The miracle of TOS is always how good it managed to be in spite of the limitations it was laboring under.)


  3. Kid Charlemagne

    Somebody (Leslie Thompson, maybe) came up with an inside-continuity explanation for why the shuttlecraft was not used: The planet had vicious high-altitude winds that no shuttlecraft could fly through; it was probably impossible to explore the planet before the transporter was invented.

    Of course, that raises another question–according to my beloved official blueprints of the TOS Enterprise, a Constitution-class starship has four regular six-person transporters, five emergency 22-person transporters, and even two cargo transporters, which could be used in a dire emergency.


    I guess the alien ore and/or Bad Kirk’s phaser shot somehow disabled all the transporters by affecting some central control nexus–but for Vaal’s sake, why didn’t the designers put in some redundancies?

    I know, I know–plot necessities. 🙄

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