FArF: The Lovely Backdrops of Star Trek: The Animated Series

In reviewing the old Star Trek animated series it was clear that a lot of the best art was in the creative and colorful backgrounds made for the planets.  Characters  silhouetted against the backdrops made an even a stronger impact.  The Original Series had lovely painted backdrops too, but in TAS, the imaginations soared, creating scenes the original couldn’t afford.  A shame there were only  22 episodes. I  especially like the re-creation of the Guardian of Forever in Yesteryear, and the planet Vulcan.  There’s a lovely image of Uhura resting by a lake in Once Upon a Planet. And the curvy architecture of the palace in The Lorelei Signal reflects its female inhabitants.  Which are your favorites?


Spock heads back to his arid hometown in “Yesteryear’

The Daily Scrapbook 11/26/12 Trek Animated Cells for Sale!

Good Morning, Scrappers! Here’s today’s flashback:  At the convention I came across this flyer advertising original animated Cell art from the Star Trek Animated Series (From Filmation Studios)  I was tempted to buy one, but since I had neither a job nor a terrible high allowance at the time, it was out of the question.   Here they’re for sale for a mere $ 20.00 each.  I just checked their current value and these go anywhere from $80.00 to $275.00!  Alas, another opportunity missed!