FArF: The Lovely Backdrops of Star Trek: The Animated Series

In reviewing the old Star Trek animated series it was clear that a lot of the best art was in the creative and colorful backgrounds made for the planets.  Characters  silhouetted against the backdrops made an even a stronger impact.  The Original Series had lovely painted backdrops too, but in TAS, the imaginations soared, creating scenes the original couldn’t afford.  A shame there were only  22 episodes. I  especially like the re-creation of the Guardian of Forever in Yesteryear, and the planet Vulcan.  There’s a lovely image of Uhura resting by a lake in Once Upon a Planet. And the curvy architecture of the palace in The Lorelei Signal reflects its female inhabitants.  Which are your favorites?


Spock heads back to his arid hometown in “Yesteryear’

3 thoughts on “FArF: The Lovely Backdrops of Star Trek: The Animated Series

  1. One I do like very much out of the animated is ‘The Infinite Vulcan’ but I could not really pick, I love them all.

  2. They are all good, but maybe the more colourful and imaginative the better! And those creatures like in “the Eye of the beholder” are so wild! 🙂 (Today they create them by computers…:/)

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