The Daily Scrapbook:2/28/13 — May1978– See You in the Funny Papers –A Trek Newspaper Comic!

Here’s Today’s Flashback: From May of 1978, an article about the upcoming  Star Trek daily newspaper comic by Mandala productions, the same company that had produced (in an era before widespread videos)  the 12 “Fotonovels” of the original Star Trek series.   I actually owned all 12 Fotonovels (the most dog-eared being the ‘All Our Yesterdays’ volume) but sold them a few years ago on eBay.   Anyway, I can’t recall if our local paper got the original series Star Trek Comic, but we did get one based on the 1st movie.
Also keeping in the ‘funny’ range, another “Grin and Bear It” Sunday comic dealing with female astronauts, and a clipping from who knows where detailing some scenes from the famous Star Trek Blooper reels.  (I always liked to keep my scrapbook pages along theme lines).


The Daily Scrapbook 2/25/13 Volume II Begins! From April 2, 1978 – Trek more than flight of fancy for many fans…

Hey kids, I finally got a chance to scan the second volume of my 4 Star Trek scrapbooks so lets release the clippings!   First up, from April 2, 1978: a commentary on how Star Trek was almost a way of life for some fans. Now a lot of people at the time may have found me obsessed with Trek, and I was! But I didn’t build my own Enterprise for heaven’s sake!   In this article we also see the first definition of ‘Trekker’ vs. ‘Trekkie’, which seems to have a disdain for the latter.   I’m happy with Trekkie because, heck, it’s just a TV show, a fun, wonderful, insightful and imaginative TV show, but a TV show nonetheless!


You may have also noted the Grin and Bear It comic from the same Sunday paper…Grin and Bear It was always one of my late Dad’s favorite comics, and to this day it is one of mine.  It’s simple but honest humor keeps me in touch with my Dad’s memory, and reading this particular one 3 1/2 years after his death, I knew he would have gotten a kick out of it.   Here it deals with complexities of life with astronauts of the female persuasion…