My Weekly Spock 4/1/13 — On Set Silliness

While documenting pictures of Bill and Leonard last week, I came across this great shot from their episode of T.J. Hooker, and it reminded me of other funny shots taken on the Star Trek set and such.  I  love this picture, you can practically hear them laughing!  Enjoy!  And if you want to see more backstage Trek eye candy, better pull up a chair and a latte for this great photostream by birdofthegalaxy on flickr — Warning: Addictive!  May pull you away from real life for a few hours! (no foolin’!)

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One thought on “My Weekly Spock 4/1/13 — On Set Silliness

  1. You’re right, going through that photo site did take up a significant portion of my day. But what was fascinating was reading the comments – I had no idea there were still such Trek nerds out there:-)

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