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Spock on CUE Magazine, Dec 7, 1979

As I was sorting through some stuff in my basement, I came across this beautiful, flat cover from CUE magazine, dated Dec 7 1979. New York CUE was a weekly city entertainment guide. (You know, the analog age!) As its focus was the latest in city culture and big time movie and TV releases, it makes perfect sense that our dear Mr. Spock was on the cover! Star Trek: The Motion Picture was just about to be released and the anticipation was high!

I guess I must have bought the magazine solely for the beautiful publicity shot of Leonard Nimoy and his melting brown eyes. “Spock Has the Right Stuff” indeed. Alas, I did NOT keep the rest of the magazine! I was happy to find this cover in beautiful condition though.

My Cover (only) of the CUE magazine

Eager to read the contents of the article, I scrubbed the ‘net for a copy of the article, and fortunately, found these images on eBay. (If you’d like to bid on/buy the whole magazine, here’s the link.)

Excellent article “Star Trekking to Hollywood” by Michael Musto. It includes quotes from Nimoy, Shatner, and Roddenberry, and Robert Wise credits his wife with saying “With no Spock, there can be no Star Trek!”

She was right at the time, of course. But I bet they never realized that this movie would launch a fleet of even newer voyages in Roddenberry’s Universe. Although at the time I was not too thrilled with the final product, in these 41 years since (!) I have found the story of ST:TMP as true to the original source material as it could have been: To explore strange new worlds , one often ends up discovering Themselves. I’m very thankful that ST:TMP was made, it gave Trek to a new generation, and marked it in the foundation of American Pop Culture.

If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it! (just fast-forward through the overly long close ups of the Enterprise). The only thing I couldn’t get past were the jumbo onesies on the crew; so glad it was changed to something more sophisticated and flattering in Star Trek II!

There’s a bonus side bar by Daphne Davis about the other blockbuster hitting the screens that year too – The Black Hole.

The Daily Scrapbook, Volume 1 10/1/12

Here’s the first few articles from first Star Trek scrapbook from the 1970’s.  I had started saving articles her and there  around 1973, (see left) and within a year or two decided to paste them into scrapbooks so they wouldn’t get lost or wrecked. Of course, after 39 years, they are a tad yellowed and some are tattered, but it’s fun to look back to a time before Star Wars, when Trek was Sci-Fi king.

I started the book with this article in my local weekly Saturday TV section, another relic of the age… One reason this was tattered was because I had it taped into the lid of my 6th grade classroom desk, and one day I hid a pack of Juicy Fruit behind it and a classmate snatched it out!  Oh well.

As I re-read this article after all these years, it amazed me how cheap everything was at a Convention –an original script for $50, and original uniform for $100!!!  After reading this as a kid, it was my dream to go to a real Trek convention, and I would three years later in 1976, as I mentioned last week and will again when I get up to it.  Be sure to click on the images to enlarge so you can read them better.

On the right side of this article you can see a little logo that reads Keep On Trekkin’ , an catchphrase coined by Trekkies and merchandisers to keep the spirit of the show alive, and to promote either a new series or a movie.  In this case, it was an ad for a T-shirt; one that I eventually bought and it’s still in my basement somewhere.  Can’t believe I was that tiny!