My Star Trek Posters

Hey Kids,

I’ve always loved old movie posters with their exciting premises and bold art, and a few years ago I started to imagine how Star Trek would be portrayed if it was an old fashioned weekly serial!   Now, after nearly 5 years of inspiration, I finally finished my last poster, Turnabout Intruder, this past February!  (2/20/2016)   Note:  I’ve created the episodes in order of their production date, not the date they aired.  To see the posters in their original full size, right click on the individual image and enlarge.   Enjoy these, and I’d love to hear your comments! -Therese

14 thoughts on “My Star Trek Posters

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  4. Hi…love your posters…I’d like to print a couple of them and mount….(1) do you mind ? (2) if not, do you have high resolution versions

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