Latest Trek Poster: The Doomsday Machine

Hey Kids, Here’s my latest Star Trek Movie Poster — The Doomsday Machine. What a great episode!  35 down, 45 to go!  For you newbies, you can see the rest of my movie-style Star Trek posters here.  I’m creating them in order of production, not original air date.

35 Doomsday Machine

4 responses to “Latest Trek Poster: The Doomsday Machine

  1. Oooh, that’s a good one! It looks just the way movie posters do, complete with the kind of quote they like to include.


  2. Looking good!

    Have you seen the poster artwork of
    Juan Ortiz

    I just picked up his book and was totally blown away.


  3. Yes I have, and they’re wonderful! — Too bad I can’t make money on these!


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