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I’m Back!

Hi Kids!

I’m back from NYC and just had a marvelous time! I’m too pooped to post now, but I’ll be posting soon!  -T

Heard in Passing…

Tonight I was out for a walk with my  mid-teenage son, and we were coming upon what appeared to be a sweet family scene.  In a half-moon street with a  round patch of grass at its center, a family of five playing kickball. The Dad was pitching, two sons at first & second and their daughter (about 6) at third. The Mom was complaining about the Dad’s pitches, saying that they weren’t centered.  The Dad kept saying “I spunning it, I spunning it!” (Interesting grammar, there).  No matter, they were having fun, and it was good to see a family out playing on a weeknight.

Then just as we were passing, the Mom  kicked the ball between  second and third,  the kids went running and the Dad caught the Mom as she headed for 1st.

She shouted “That’s interference!  F*** YOU!”

So much for the early  Spring idyll.

Now, I truly appreciate her frustration over the moment, but  it saddens me that ‘F’-Bombs’ have become so common in public language, especially parents in front of their kids.  What a horrible example.   I’m not asking people to stop swearing*, but I only wish that people would remember their environment when they have the urge to curse. Especially in public.  Will mankind ever outgrow swearing? Probably not. But I truly hope we won’t outgrow courtesy.

*It actually helps when you injure yourself to use real swear words

Davy Jones – Gone Too Soon.

I heard today the very sad news that singer, actor,jockey, and former Monkee Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack in his home today, he was only 66.  Long before Davy was a Monkee, he was a child actor on British soap operas and played The Artful Dodger in Oliver! on Broadway.  Ironically, the night that The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, Davy was backstage with the cast of  Oliver! waiting to perform; little did he or the screaming hordes in the theater know that he’d become as idolized as Paul McCartney in just two years.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Davy perform with Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz  when they  did a Monkee reunion in 1996. It was a great show and you could see that Davy LOVED performing.   My sister and I had 7th row seats and at one point, Davy  walked up and down the side aisles, touching hands with fans. I found myself calling “Come here Davy!”  (just like a tween again).  Alas we were too far in the aisle, but man, what a fun show!  I recall it once said of Davy that “..if a fridge door opened, he’d do five minutes!” and I could just see him performing for the milk and mayonnaise.  He had one of the most unique, warm, yet seductive voices I’ve ever heard. Behold several of my favorites:

And here’s the funny scene from The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) where Davy sings  Girl at the school dance –looking a bit confused at the grunge influence,but so fun! The teachers are turned on and the students eventually realize that this guy was cool! (not the best quality, but the only copy I could find)

A commenter on YouTube wrote today: “A part of my childhood passed away today.”   I think many American women in my generation (1960’s) would sadly agree. Farewell Davy. Thanks for the joy.

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Dickens!

Today, February 7, 2012, is the 200th Birthday of Charles Dickens!  If you’ve never read a Dickens book, you have lost out on a great adventure into the human soul.  I’m sure you’re aware of  these gems:

Great Expectations

A Christmas Carol

Oliver Twist

David Copperfield

A Tale of  Two Cities  (Which Spock gave to Kirk in Star Trek II)

The Pickwick Papers

The Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby

And so on and so on.  You know what my  favorite Dickens quote is?   This:

“No space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused”               – The Ghost of Jacob Marley, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Don’t misuse your life — get off the computer, buy some Dickens, and broaden your horizons as well as your vocabulary!

BTW, Mr. Nimoy played the leader of the street urchins, Fagin, in a Theater production  of Oliver! in 1972-3 — One of his first Theater Musicals!

Happy Thanksgiving! The ‘Balloonatics’ on SciFri

Ever wonder how they keep the mighty helium balloons flying  for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade? Check out this great video from NPR’s Science Friday:

The Great Gink

I just wanted to share with you, the story of our legendary stray cat Gink, who was my favorite cat of all the cats we had as a children.

One Saturday afternoon in 1971, when I was 10, my father, mother and I went grocery shopping in the old Grand Union Supermarket in Endicott. As we came out of the store, a storm had come about and it was raining very heavily.

I noticed a small black kitten zipping about in the parking lot, looking for a place to stay dry.

“Dad, there’s a poor kitten out there!” I said, and my heart immediately went out to this helpless, shelterless feline.

We looked around the parking lot for it as we rolled the cart out to our olive green Country Squire station wagon but to no avail. As Mom and Dad loaded up the groceries, I kept watch from the back seat, but no kitten anywhere.

Then as we pulled out of the lot, and turned up toward Main Street, we kept hearing a small “Meow! Meow!” Mom couldn’t hear it, but Dad and I did. So much so that when we stopped at the first red light, Dad got out of the car and looked under the hood, but saw nothing there. We kept hearing it all the way up Main Street, heading west toward home, about a half mile total distance. When we pulled into the driveway, and out from UNDER the car scoots that soggy little homeless kitten — straight under the back porch!

As far as we could tell, the little guy must have ridden on the axle all the way home! I named him “Gink” after the black cat from one of my favorite stories, “Dory’s Magic”

It always amazed me that of all the cars he could have taken shelter under he chose OURS!

Although Gink was a ‘black’ cat, you can see that when he was outside, his fluffy fur was more of reddish brown. He wasn’t always friendly at first, but he really mellowed with age in the love he received all around. When he was in the mood, would let you rub his tummy (he liked flopping on his back to sleep in on the living room rug). I loved the magnificent ruff of fur on his chest. and he used to sit tall on the banister at the top of the stairs, awaiting all who would scratch him under his chin, which he reveled in. As you scratched, he’d point his chin high and close his eyes in pure delight.

From that first day on, Gink lived a charmed life in our family home until his passing in 1986. One reason we think he lived so long was that at one time,while he was still young, Gink had followed Mom into the pantry as she went to get something out of the big freezer we used to have. Well, several HOURS later, someone said “Has anybody seen Gink?” And Mom remembered that the last time she had seen him was…. Uh Oh! She rushed to the freezer, and there several shelves down was Gink, cold, but not frozen, curled up on a shelf, probably wondering what the heck happened! (I like to think he was in suspended animation) The shelf was empty, except for a box of baking soda that he had knocked over, white soda all over his black fur! It must have been enough of an air pocket, for he recovered well, and never held it against us!

I’ll never forget Gink. As I left home for a six month trip in late ’86, I held Gink for a long time before I left. I felt it might be the last time I saw him, and sadly, I was right. A month later, Mom called me to let me know he was gone. He was buried in the back yard under the lilac bush. So appropriate, since he loved being outside, soaking up the sun.

I Make Videos Too!

Just a quick sideline.  Not content enough to just write and draw, and collage, I also love making videos to music I love!  Here’s some of my other interests expressed through home-made videos.  My name on YouTube is peace2baby*.  Enjoy! -Therese

*UPDATE:   MARCH 20,2012

Google has changed their whole way of communicating, and in the process forced me to make a new name for myself of YouTube (Grrr!)  Hence, I am now known at stillpeace2baby, but I have lost access to the editing of my original videos.  However, I will still link to them through my new name, and I will eventually post new videos under that name too.  But this sucks!

My first video, a tribute to my favorite Beatle, George Harrison.

And the baroque Jack O’Lantern I carved last Halloween (2010)

A Tribute to my favorite leading men and musicians (Nimoy & Shatner are in here too) With my original lyrics to “America, The Beautiful”

A backhanded tribute to Betty Draper on ‘Mad Men’  (At the end you see the truly most beautiful woman on MM!) Note: for some reason this one does not play in all countries-maybe the one bikini shot?

A little movie of our pet hamster, Gus! (Awww!)

A quick review of “StarTreKomics”, although I have to update the final credits to include this blog!

And finally, a shaky video of Peter Noone with The Herman’s Hermits, shot at The New York State Fair last summer (2010)

Oh yeah, and here I am on my 50th birthday earlier this year, showing off the first fondant decorated cake I’ve ever made!(blush)

I’ll be making more videos as time allows.  Enjoy! -Therese