My Daily Spock 5/30/12

Kisses Goodbye Week continues with a scene from the TV movie anthology, “Kiss Me Again, Stranger”.  with Juliet Mills as an evil murderess.

Funny thing about this movie, he played an ex-RAF pilot in 1940’s England, but I’m sorry, his hair was too long for this!  Now granted, he was a poor man, but I doubt there were any men in the 40’s (save for bums) who wore their hair this long! But what the heck!

See for yourself!

5 thoughts on “My Daily Spock 5/30/12

  1. What the heck indeed, and his cockney accent was a bit frightening too. And the sound of the crickets during a foggy London night was puzzling to say the least. But the film was adorable and I rewatch it frequently! Loved the Zarabeth pix too – the nervous pre kiss kiss was a highlight of the 79 episodes!

  2. Yeah, his accent was pretty lame, but at the time I thought it was wonderful! (oh, the teenage brain!)

  3. BTW, did you notice that my followers are now suddenly 91?!!!
    I started a tumblr blog yesterday, and when I saw this number I thougth it was a typo, but maybe I really have gained 80 followers with the push of a button! Hope I hear from them!

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