My Weekly Spock 7/2/12

The Secret Lives of Spock — A funny and clever compilation of multiple Spocks!  Found this online, and I love it!  Let’s see how many we can identify

Let’s see…David Bowie (as Ziggy Stardust) Spock as Avatar, Marilyn Monroe, Mad Max(?) Spock as a Simpson?, Magnum P.I. no idea, Fat Spock (Alfred Hitchcock?), Che Guevera Spock, Mickey Mouse Spock, Muppet Bert Spock, Zombie Spock (shudder!),Planet of the Spock Apes (Cornelius maybe?), Princess Leia-Spock, no idea, Conan O’Spock.   The joy of this is how easily Spock fits into all of these personas!   The last one is ironically not too differenf from how young Nimoy really looked (sans the red color!)See this:



2 responses to “My Weekly Spock 7/2/12

  1. keep looking up we are going to make star trek live


  2. star will come true


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