FArFri 11/2/12

It’s been a long week (with concerns about Sandy and such) So here’s some pretty for today! A while back, I discovered a site called Doll Divine which features multiple interfaces where one can create all types of pretty model ‘dolls’.   The one game on the site is  Erte Elegance where you create dolls in the style of the great Art Deco artist Erte (with lots of swags and fru-fru’s)  I started playing with the interface, and before long, I was recreating Star Trek’s most lovely women (Terran and Otherwise) in this most elegant style!  Here the first  several of my efforts –Vina from “The Cage” in her rags, damsel-in-distress gown, Talosian dress, picnic outfit, and of course, as a Green Orion Slave Girl! Note: Obviously these are variations on the original theme, for you are limited to the templates of the game and profile position of the model, but these are fanciful versions of the Trek Costumes as Erte may have  interpreted them.  I’m proudest of the ‘damsel’ gown, as I managed to recreate a facsimile of the fancy frock that Vina wore, complete with dark gold underskirt.  (There are many options for patterned fabric and skirt layering)  I’ll post some more of my other Trek ladies in the future.  Enjoy, and have a restful weekend! And check out this site, it’s fun! – Therese

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