My Daily Spock 2/17/2012

Sex. On. A. Stick.

I’d like to thank the writer of “Patterns Of Force” (John Meredyth Lucas)  for finally letting Spock show a little beefcake.  (And very lean beef at that.)  Happy Friday, Everyone. Until Monday.

7 responses to “My Daily Spock 2/17/2012

  1. Nice pics.


  2. His FACE is so arresting that even when Spock is shirtless, I focus on his face. Those eyes, those cheekbones, the sweep of those Spockian eyebrows! Shatner was supposed to be the pretty one, but once you’ve seen a pretty face, you’ve seen it. Nimoy’s face is INTERESTING, and that means you can look at it forever.


  3. True that! Although I’ve come to appreciate Mr. Shatners particular charm too! Bless them both!


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