Happy Birthday Celeste Yarnall!!

Today (July 26) is Celeste Yarnall’s Birthday!   Happy Birthday Celeste! And as you  recover from your hernia surgery, remember that LOVE is stronger than pain!  Hope you’ll be home soon, and enjoy this little poster!  (I colorized the famous black and white still of you and Walter from ‘The Apple”!)

And readers, let’s make Celeste’s birthday extra special and please contribute what you can to her cancer fund!   http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs

Celeste 71

Celeste Update: Successful Hernia Surgery.

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a quick update on Celeste Yarnall — She had successful surgery yesterday to remove the awful hernia she had.  She s resting, but in a lot of pain, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers.  Hell of a way to celebrate a birthday, but I’m sure she’s so glad to be rid of the hernia!

Her beloved  husband Nazim posted this message today:

Celeste’s Surgery was a 100% successful. …..Although she is in TREMENDOUS PAIN. post op, they are continuously trying to manage it, to get it under control. She sends you all Love, Blessings & Appreciation this her Birthday Weekend. …..Love & Light Nazim

And please remember to contribute to her cancer fund as it slowly but surely reaches its $50,000 goal (currently at 28, 090)  Let’s make this her happiest birthday ever donate whatever you can!


celeste and nazim before surgery

Celeste and Nazim a few days before the surgery.

Celeste Update: Successful Surgery!


Celeste today in recovery from her filter insertion. LLAP!!

We just got an update from Celeste that her surgery today went perfectly! So happy to hear this!  Here’s her summary:

I’m in recovery now following the surgery to place the IVC filter in the vena cava vein. They went into the vein via my vein in my neck. The anesthesia gave me a wonderful sleep and I woke up happy with Nazim right by me side. Docs said it went perfectly and they will go on to take it out in October.

We’re having fun with the wonderful nurses as they keep me a little while longer for observation.

I finally got to eat a sandwich and have my Orgain shake.

So one down and the big surgery is next on July 24th. We got this!!!!

Please don’t forget to contribute to Celeste’s cancer fund  for every little bit will help!  You can contribute here.

I’m so glad that this went well, and I know when this month is over and all the surgery is done, you’ll be back on the trail to full recovery!  Love and Prayers Always! -Therese

Celeste Update: Filter Surgery Tomorrow! (July 7th)

Celeset over

Dear Friends,

Celeste has just left an update about the implantation of the IVC filter to her leg vein to prevent the two clots from possibly traveling to her heart or brain. She will be having the hernia surgery later this month. Please keep Celeste in your prayers and please help to increase her cancer fund to help pay for the bills that her insurance won’t cover.   http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs

Every bit helps!  And our love, prayers and healing thoughts are with you, Celeste.  <3 <3

I just got word that I will be having the out patient procedure tomorrow, July 7th and this is where they will surgically implant an IVC filter in my vein to prevent the two DVTs (blood clots) from possibly migrating to my heart or lungs. I will be “out” for the procedure but will return home to rest afterwards.

I saw on line that there have been some law suits regarding this type of filter and have been assured what I am getting is safe.

This procedure is very important for me to have done because there will be a few days before my big repair surgery where I will not be able to take the blood thinning injections called Lovinox, which I now must have every day and this would be a risky time also for the clots to migrate. The injections keep this from happening.

I feel with this procedure having been done that I will be very well protected. I found an image of what the IVC filter should look something like, on line.

The repair surgery is a complicated one with 3 different surgeons involved and the date is now set for July 24th.

Nazim’s birthday is July 19th and mine is July 26th so hopefully we can celebrate them at the same time on his birthday as I won’t be able to do anything fun for quite some time after the surgery.

It pains me to remind you that we so need your help with regard to this fund and appreciate any and all donations more than words can express.

I thank you for all you have done to help me thus far and send you all my love and blessings for your perfect health.


For the Love of Spock Funded! Now let’s Help Celeste!

Hey Kids,

Happy to report that Adam Nimoy’s Kickstarter fund met it’s goal yesterday; ($662,640 total) one day short of the deadline!  I look forward to the final product of For the Love of Spock sometime next year!  Congratulations Adam!  (And I look forward to my bonus gift for contributing  🙂 )

In the meantime, I urge you to please contribute to Celeste Yarnall’s GoFundMe page to help pay the cancer bills her insurance won’t cover.  Celeste has another surgery coming up in late July (Hernia plus removal of a large cantaloupe-sized mass and insertion an IVC filter in a hip vein to protect her from the possible migration of two clots* to her heart or lungs).   This is a very trying and scary time for Celeste and her family, and I know that the love and support that went into Adam’s project would be so welcome and helping here.  Please send what you can, every bit will help.   If Adam can raise over $60,000 in one day, surely we can raise the rest of Celeste’s fund ($23,665) within a week!  Please share this message with all who can help.  Thanks so much, Therese


celeste cantaloupel

Celeste Update: 6/23/15 Clots Under Observation

celeste 6-22-15_updates

Celeste gets her CAT scan this past Monday (6/22) and gives a double LLAP! We’re with you, Celeste!

Dear Friends,

Celeste has just posted an update about the CAT Scan she had on Monday.  It’s not the best news, but it IS fixable (very soon).  The scan discovered two blood clots in her pelvic region and she will be receiving injections for six months (except during the surgery)  Celeste will have a IVC filter inserted to prevent the clots from migrating during the surgery for her hernia. It’s scary, but I have every faith that it will succeed.

As Celeste stated in the past couple hours:

 Just got a call from one of the doctors and here comes the scary/bad news bit. Apparently the CAT scan found a blood clot, actually two of them close together in my veins in my pelvis which is next to a mass that they think is a lymphocyst but they will not know for sure until they go in during the hernia surgery and get it out and off to pathology.

I have to go back to Cedars on Thursday to schedule an out patient procedure where they will put something like a tiny little basket/filter in my vein in my thigh to prevent the clot which is known as a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) from going to my heart.
I will have to have injected every night for 6 months, Lovinox which is something I got when I was in the hospital for the first surgery but it cannot be injected before, during or right after surgery.

Since we now need to do the surgery sooner than later we will probably be looking at July. I just about fainted with this phone call but I am keeping it together because the doctors promised this will all be handled. The doctor is trying to get home nursing to come to the house and give me the shot as I am set up for home nursing…age does have some advantages at times and Medicare home health is one of them. this shot needs to be given in my abdomen and I need to get these injections ASAP.

The doctor is finding a specialty pharmacy for these shots as my usual one doesn’t carry them. More later when we know more but again the PT scan didn’t light up any cancer so that so far is the good news. I am still a little shaky.

The pharmacy just called as I am typing this and the co-pay for these injections is high so I do need your help dear friends with even $5 donations to keep me going at GoFundMe http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs The injections will be delivered
tomorrow as I need them right away.

Ok we can handle this right????? And I am very thankful for this high tech PT/CT scan machine for finding this out… right now!

And in her most recent statement 20 minutes ago:

The good news is we have a plan and we will now deal with blood clot situation, the Lovinox injections daily for at least 6 months and the out patient surgical procedure in preparation for the Hernia Repair surgery. I should know more after we see the doctor tomorrow, get the blood work done again and have an EKG.

Endurance is the operative word for today. I was warned that if I were to become short of breath I must head straight to emergency…are we having fun yet? I thought this inspiring message below might be good for all of us to take in.


Many thanks to my wonderful friends who have just contributed at my Gofundme link so generously just now to help with the co-pays and the added bills to what we have already been dealing with.

Here is the link to the site for my updates and donations, should the spirit move you to help financially. Truly, every $5 donation is cherished as are the larger ones. http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs

And Yes, Every DONATION WILL HELP!   Please send what you can, and let Celeste know that we all are pulling for her!  Look at that spirit in the picture above!  Celeste, you are surrounded with love, prayers, and very healing thoughts!  FORWARD!


Celeste Update: Cautiously Optimistic, One Step Closer to Remission!

Celeste posted a very promising update on her Facebook wall yesterday!  (June 18 — Forgive me for not posting sooner, as I’ve just read it)  Here’s the good news in her words, and Celeste, Good Luck with your scans and ultrasound on Monday!  Our love, prayers, and best wishes are with you for more success and that you will soon beat this cancer for good!

Here’s Celeste’s Post:


Nazim and Celeste at a Star Trek Covention in Las Vegas in 2014.

Celeste Yarnall with Nazim Artist

YAY!!! We just heard the results of my last blood work and everything was completely normal including my cancer markers which come from a test called the CA125.

The genetic testing results are still pending and I get the CAT Scan the Pet Scan and an ultrasound done on Monday. I can’t eat any sugar or starch 24 hours the day before because sugar lights up like a Christmas tree on these tests which is certainly a good indication as to why we want to keep sugar and starch to the best of our ability out of our diets if we have cancer and or want to prevent getting it and other chronic diseases. And then I will be fasting after midnight on Sunday which is the night before and the whole morning for these tests. I can have sips of water, however…I will certainly be hungry and will take a couple of my Orgain protein shakes to have as soon as I am done and then be really ready for LUNCH!!!!

Please keep good positive thoughts for me for these tests as I really like the idea of being officially in remission and if these tests come out good I can relax a little…and truly own the word REMISSION!!!

After the tests I have an appointment with another doctor who will be part of the hernia repair surgery team. So far it looks like it will be ok to schedule it for mid-August which is great because I can heal and get strong and also ATTEND THE STAR TREK CONVENTION IN VEGAS – LIVE LONG AND PROSPER EVERYONE!

This photo was taken last year at the Star Trek convention in Vegas by their wonderful professional photographer who did our photo ops! I hope to see many of you there so we can do a photo booth picture together.

I remain cautiously optimistic.

And Friends, Please Don’t Forget to help Celeste reach the goal of her cancer fund, which is currently at $25,500!  (only $24,500 to go!)

A Celeste Update and a Request from Me (Therese)

it's all in the mindDear Friends,

Could you please do me a favor? In this past month since I suggested it, I have only seen about $70 donated from trekkerscrapbook readers (including my two) and I’m wondering if  perhaps some of my readers here have donated, but have not included the words “trekkerscrapbook’ in their accompanying note?  If any of you out here have donated to Celeste, PLEASE let me know here so I may tally the total up. I am hoping to raise $1500 for Celeste through this site alone, but it is only possible if I know who has donated and how much — the easiest way for me to see this is for you to write “trekkerscrapbook”  or even “TS” in the comment section when you donate.  Please donate early and often! For every little bit helps! When we reach $1500 in donations, I’ll get to have an exclusive interview here with Celeste!   Hope to see a bunch of new donations soon; she’s almost at the 1/2 way point ($25,000)!Thank you!


Celeste left an update last Tuesday (5/19).  She has completed her chemo treatments, but had to have two extra  Neupogen shots Wednesday and Thursday  because her white blood cell count was off (Ugh!)  However, she and Nazim did get out to a lovely outdoor restaurant to relax.  Inch by inch, Dear Lady <3

Enjoy the new comic to promote her cancer fund – I am also making poster copies of this to promote it around town.  I know we can reach this goal!

As Celeste wrote:

“Just when I was starting to feel better after the last 5 Neupogen shots I got a call from the doctors office regarding my blood work which was drawn yesterday and I have to go back to the hospital infusion center for two more Neupogen shots (Wednesday and Thursday) because my white count is still not normal. That means bone pain for a week following the shots and that means not sleeping well for another week. The fun just keeps coming doesn’t it?”

Celeste Yarnall's photo.

Celeste Yarnall Update — Let’s Make This Happen NOW!!


Hey Kids,

As you may recall from my last update, I issued a challenge to all of you to raise $1,500 for Celeste’s cancer fund, and if we achieved this goal we’d get an Exclusive Interview with Celeste here.   Alas, so far I’ve only seen one donation (aside from my own) that has the words ‘trekerscrapbook’ on it, and suffice to say. we’re nowhere near the $1500 goal*.  But we can change this.

Did you know that between the “likes” on Facebook for this blog, and my subscribers, Trekker Scrapbook is 1,145 members strong? I challenge 100 of my followers to donate just $15.00 each TODAY —  Donating is easy- just be sure to add the words “Trekker Scrapbook” when you add a comment to your donation here.  (This is how I tally the donations).  If you can’t send $15.00, send $10 or even $5– every bit will help!  I know reaching this goal will make Celeste very happy, please contribute as soon as you can!


Cancer bills are almost as detrimental as cancer itself as you can see in this article.  Please help Celeste ease her burden.  Thank You, and wishing you all good health,  LLAP, Therese

(And enjoy the new comic, Celeste! <3 <3 <3 )

*btw, the $1500 goal was my idea, not Celeste’s!