Celeste Update: Cautiously Optimistic, One Step Closer to Remission!

Celeste posted a very promising update on her Facebook wall yesterday!  (June 18 — Forgive me for not posting sooner, as I’ve just read it)  Here’s the good news in her words, and Celeste, Good Luck with your scans and ultrasound on Monday!  Our love, prayers, and best wishes are with you for more success and that you will soon beat this cancer for good!

Here’s Celeste’s Post:


Nazim and Celeste at a Star Trek Covention in Las Vegas in 2014.

Celeste Yarnall with Nazim Artist

YAY!!! We just heard the results of my last blood work and everything was completely normal including my cancer markers which come from a test called the CA125.

The genetic testing results are still pending and I get the CAT Scan the Pet Scan and an ultrasound done on Monday. I can’t eat any sugar or starch 24 hours the day before because sugar lights up like a Christmas tree on these tests which is certainly a good indication as to why we want to keep sugar and starch to the best of our ability out of our diets if we have cancer and or want to prevent getting it and other chronic diseases. And then I will be fasting after midnight on Sunday which is the night before and the whole morning for these tests. I can have sips of water, however…I will certainly be hungry and will take a couple of my Orgain protein shakes to have as soon as I am done and then be really ready for LUNCH!!!!

Please keep good positive thoughts for me for these tests as I really like the idea of being officially in remission and if these tests come out good I can relax a little…and truly own the word REMISSION!!!

After the tests I have an appointment with another doctor who will be part of the hernia repair surgery team. So far it looks like it will be ok to schedule it for mid-August which is great because I can heal and get strong and also ATTEND THE STAR TREK CONVENTION IN VEGAS – LIVE LONG AND PROSPER EVERYONE!

This photo was taken last year at the Star Trek convention in Vegas by their wonderful professional photographer who did our photo ops! I hope to see many of you there so we can do a photo booth picture together.

I remain cautiously optimistic.

And Friends, Please Don’t Forget to help Celeste reach the goal of her cancer fund, which is currently at $25,500!  (only $24,500 to go!)

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