My Weekly Spock – Unconventionally Handsome

Hey All,

Recently I posted a picture of young Leonard on an  FB page that caters to vintage images (1st picture below) and, to me at least, it was surprising to read the comments. Many seemed ‘shocked’ that he was ‘attractive’ in his youth, readers compared him to Paul Newman, Kevin Costner, and Chris Evans!  And comments ranged from ‘So Handsome!’, ‘Swoon’ and ‘Who knew?’ to  “He’s positively scary looking to me!” and ‘Yuck!”

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Personally (of course) he was perfection to me as a 13 year old.  40+ years on it seems he still had something that just made him beautiful.  Not just the soft brown eyes,  the hair, perfect jawline and warm smile, but especially that he was a genuinely good, loving, creative, and compassionate human being.  It’s easy for someone who wasn’t familiar with him to scoff at his ‘unconventional’ handsomeness.  To me it was enough that Nimoy himself didn’t find himself attractive, but he didn’t have to; we all saw it for him, and we loved him for himself.

The world could use more Leonard Nimoys.  <3

Painting below by artist Tafafa (wow!)

5 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock – Unconventionally Handsome

  1. Leonard Nimoy, was always a good looking man. yet when he played Spock he made his Character Spock ‘attractive’

  2. I think it’s actually sort of fun that a lot of people didn’t see how attractive Leonard Nimoy was, because it made his attractiveness kind of like a fun little secret for those of us who found him beautiful.

    I fell in love with Spock in 1969, at the age of eleven, and that was so early and so long ago that I have no idea if I find Spock’s face attractive because of his physical features or if I found his physical features attractive because I was so captivated by who he was.

    Leonard’s soul shone out of Spock’s eyes, and while the writers gave Spock many wonderful qualities, I think part of why so many of us loved Spock was because of the beauty of Leonard’s soul.

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