My Weekly Spock: Remembering Leonard

Hard to believe it’s been two years 😦  But always in our hearts.  That smile, the laugh, the voice, the genuine goodness of a wonderful person.  He was magic, and weren’t we blessed? 16640786_10212282947534681_7684952854583146200_n943843_1744793129087226_3690459370591573498_n15178202_700204993490665_8237584765807100087_n580388_545254312319068_1430825669290770006_n

2 responses to “My Weekly Spock: Remembering Leonard

  1. I was sad all week and didn’t even know why at first, and then I remembered that it was the anniversary of Leonard’s death.

    Part of me feels silly for this — how can I still be grieving for someone who never even knew I existed? But *I* knew *he* existed, and his existence gave me inspiration. In short, I loved him.

    He was a great actor, but he was an even greater human being, and the world lost much when we lost him.


  2. When love touches your hear so deeply, it isn’t silly at all ❤ I miss him too.


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