My Weekly Spock: Western Wulcan

Seemed like a good time to bring out some Western shots of Leonard in two of his best westerns, Catlow (1971) as bounty hunter Miller, and the NBC movie, Bonanza: Under Attack (1995)  where Leonard played  reformed outlaw Frank James who helps the progeny of the Cartwright family fight an unscrupulous Pinkerton detective.   I’ve seen Catlow, but never the Bonanza one, hope to find it soon.

catlow 3

The merciless Miller in Catlow (1971)

Catlow 4

with Erika Lopez in Catlow (1971)

catlow leg


With Brian Lechner in Bonanza: Under Attack (1995)

bonanza 1



One thought on “My Weekly Spock: Western Wulcan

  1. Wow. I knew he’d done lots of westerns in his youth, but I didn’t know he’d done a western after TUC. And god, those cheekbones … whew!

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