My Weekly Spock: Long-Hair Kolinahr Vulcan

movies_star_trek_series_gallery_211230907_10206683728594068_5783889736814641802_nI always thought that the Vulcan sequence at the beginning of ST:TMP was interesting. I wondered why Spock was so determined to shed his human half, what had made him so repulsed by it?  We may never know, although when Spock comes to understand V’Ger, he begins to appreciate his human half more (who could forget his hand holding with Kirk?

11259506_10206683420066355_6303730230726654710_nOther interesting aspects of Spock’s failed Kolinahr ceremony to me were that gigantic red food, which I presume was a statue of a prominent Vulcan (I’m sure there are more readers here who know about it than I)  And of course, Spock’s long hair!  You rock that  Prince Valiant haircut, Mr. Vulcan!

I always thought his robe here was a bit too quarterback-ish, but it became the standard look for high-position Vulcans to come in all the later series.  I preferred the  original Ambassador Sarek look myself!

By the way, the robe Nimoy wore as Spock in the Kohlinar Ceremony went up for auction the other week, but did not sell — I think the seller forgot that many of us don’t have that kind of money!  ($30,000)

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