Help Actress Celeste Yarnall Battle Cancer

Prayers and contributions for actress Celeste Yarnall, (we Trekkies remember her as Yeoman Martha Landon in the episode ‘The Apple‘) She is dealing with a rare cancer at this time and you can contribute to help pay for her care through the link below. We Love You, Celeste! Good Luck,  and God bless you!


Celeste as lovely Martha Landon in ‘The Apple’

Nazim and Celeste

Celeste with husband Nazim ❤


LLAP Celeste!

4 responses to “Help Actress Celeste Yarnall Battle Cancer

  1. cristiane medina

    Good afternoon! I have only Debit Card!
    How can i do to help Celeste!
    Is there any Bank, who i can deposit the money?
    God Bless You!
    Cristiane Medina!


  2. Cristiane, you can try using your debit card, I don’t know if if will work, but please try. Thanks!


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