#59 The Paradise Syndrome

As I finished this, I realized I had subconsciously made a couple of pyramids; or more accurately, teepees.  The three Kirks here form a triangle, and Earth Mother Miramanee forms a loving triangle around her beloved Kirok.  🙂

Of course the great triangular obelisk lurks in the background; that must have cost a pretty penny for a big prop that would only be used once!

I think Sabina Scharf was gorgeous as Miramanee, even if her skirt was inaccurately short!

59 The Paradise Syndrome

3 thoughts on “#59 The Paradise Syndrome

  1. When I was 12, my aunt had a baby girl, and I campaigned for the child to be named “Miramanee.” Luckily, my aunt didn’t listen to me. 🙂

    Oh, and what she actually named the child? Rayna. (No, she had no idea; she’s never seen Star Trek.)

  2. Ha! Well, I’ve got a name story for you too– When I was in 10th grade and preparing for my Confirmation, we were all told to pick a Confirmation name. I wanted my Confirmation name to be Majel!!! My Mom said no (since there is no St. Majel) I wisely chose my Mom’s name, Anna <3 and very glad I did!

    • *smile* Cute!

      I never really warmed up that much to Chapel — maybe because Majel Barrett didn’t like the character, herself — so I’d have gone for Nichelle. There probably isn’t a St. Nichelle, either, though. 🙂

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