My Weekly Spock–50 Years of Mister Spock!

Of course, Star Trek did not make its debut until September 8, 1966, but Leonard Nimoy has been playing Mr. Spock since filming the pilot of  The Cage in 1964!

Leonard, Congratulations on embodying and evolving such a charming, cool, lovable, and enduring character for all these years.  The world is a happier place because of Mr. Spock!  Spock will endure forever.  Thank you, and may you and he truly Live Long and Prosper!   😀




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4 responses to “My Weekly Spock–50 Years of Mister Spock!

  1. How strange it must be for an actor, to think he’s gotten a short TV job and then end up playing the same character for DECADES!


    • Really incredible once you think about it!
      Of course I couldn’t find the actual starting date of when The Cage was filmed, but it was started in 1964 and completed in 1965. “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was filmed sometime in ’65. I guess it’s a both curse and a blessing for Nimoy, but he seems cool with that!


      • According to Memory Alpha, filming for “The Cage” began on Friday, 27 November 1964.

        You and I both know that it takes a very good actor indeed to be able to show Spock’s subtle emotional reactions, but it’s not a role that got Mr. Nimoy the kind of respect that other roles might have gotten him, especially in the beginning. That was difficult for him for quite awhile; I’m glad that he’s finally made peace with it.


  2. Me too! And soooo- this is an early Anniversary present! Thanks for the date! I’ll have to make a poster in November!


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