The Daily Scrapbook “Dressing Room Secrets of Star Trek”

Here’s today’s flashback: From TV Star Parade in July of 1967 comes this great look into the costume and make-up workings of the original series. Love the Spock make-up sessions, promotional photos, and of course the ever-incredible drapings of William Ware Theiss.  It was Theiss’s designs that inspired me to study costume design in college, a skill I still use today on my homemade dolls.  To see more of Theiss’s great Trek work, click here.  And look how much of Nimoy’s eyebrows were shaved off! No wonder he hid behind horn rimmed glasses off screen!

dressingroomsecretsofst dressingroomsecretsofst2 dressingroomsecretsofst3

My Weekly Spock – Football season! Nimoy in Francis Goes to Westpoint (1952)

I admit, I am not into football at all.  I have no idea who the top teams are,  I don’t do fantasy football teams, couldn’t care less about who wins the Superbowl,  but this is a game I’d watch! (Nimoy in Francis Goes to Westpoint 1952)  The guy on the left has a perfect Jim Kirk hairdo…








Hey, that gives me an idea…

football crew








And here’s Nimoy’s key scenes:

Sunday Afternoon Movie “Where the Boys Are.” (1960)

Here’s  the next in my Sunday Afternoon Movie series: Where the Boys Are (1960).  Some squeaky clean teens frolic in Fort Lauderdale on Spring Break.    One of the first movies to openly mention the possibility of  s-e-x between college kids.  I admit, I LOVE the fashion of this era; neat and sharp (if a little restrictive), the apex of mid-century style before everything went crazy a few years later. This was just four years before Beatlemania hit, I imagine it would have been much less coy had it been made just a few years later. But even in its innocence, it was a million times better than the awful 1984 remake (which glorified the college girls as trashy types).  There’s something sweet (if rarely realistic) about girls wanting to retain their virginity. And ironically, the star of the movie, Delores Hart, would enter a cloistered convent only a couple years after this movie, she’s a Mother Superior today.  (and please don’t believe all you read in these captions!) You can read my review here.   Note: I accidentally posted this twice before — it’s finished now!

The Daily Scrapbook – “He’s out of this world…Leonard Nimoy”

From March 1967 — you know you’re hot when you’re featured in a Archie-Style comic book!  In this case, it’s “Tippy Teen”, and Leonard Nimoy is “Out of this World!”  The article is presciently predicts that ‘Len’ “will keep going strong for a long time”! And he does!  🙂   (I honestly don’t think anyone in real life calls him “Len”, but what a groovy guy!)

heoutofthisworld00 heoutofthisworld01