The Daily Scrapbook “Dressing Room Secrets of Star Trek”

Here’s today’s flashback: From TV Star Parade in July of 1967 comes this great look into the costume and make-up workings of the original series. Love the Spock make-up sessions, promotional photos, and of course the ever-incredible drapings of William Ware Theiss.  It was Theiss’s designs that inspired me to study costume design in college, a skill I still use today on my homemade dolls.  To see more of Theiss’s great Trek work, click here.  And look how much of Nimoy’s eyebrows were shaved off! No wonder he hid behind horn rimmed glasses off screen!

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9 thoughts on “The Daily Scrapbook “Dressing Room Secrets of Star Trek”

  1. Mr. Theiss did a great job with so many of the costumes, and on such a tiny budget, too. I have to wonder, though, why he had such a thing for jumpsuits. So, so many of the male costumes are jumpsuits; did he have some vision of the future that involved everyone wearing jumpsuits? 😀

    It’s a pity Mr. Theiss died the way he did; the poor man deserved better.

    Wow, they really did shave off an awful lot of Mr. Nimoy’s eyebrows. No wonder the poor man had to spend so long in the makeup chair every morning. The things actors go through, to bring us even something as simple as a TV show!

  2. Why, how did he die?

    The photo shoot above was the time when Shatner threw a wobbly when he found the photographer in the make up room, sent him away, Nimoy went equally ballistic and refused to work until the photographer was brought back and production ground to a halt. I love the story. Whatever he said, prima donna Shatner never found a way to come out of that one looking good!

  3. Yup, The Shat was concerned that the public would see his chrome dome! (Like they hadn’t figured it out already)
    I don’t know the circumstances of Theiss’s passing, but I know he was a very private person.

  4. I read somewhere that Mr. Theiss died of AIDS; it’s a shame how many good people we lost that way.

    And from the way Mr. Nimoy tells it in his autobiography, “equally ballistic” is not really accurate.

    • Way too many people lost to it, but at least it’s treatment is stronger now and helping people live longer.
      Nimoy wrote a couple of biographies, which one? ‘I am not Spock’ or ‘I am Spock’?

  5. Theiss’s work for TOS inspired you to study design? Wow, that’s impressive. I became more interested in costume design myself because of it!

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