FArFri –Eyeshadow and a Bad-Ass

Here’s  a couple of funny pieces of Trek Fan Art I found online.   It appears Spock is a bit obsessive about his eyeshadow, and McCoy is such a bad-ass!!!


On Wednesdays. We Wear Blue Eyeshadow –Found on mememaker.com


on deviantart.com

2 responses to “FArFri –Eyeshadow and a Bad-Ass

  1. Why did we never notice Spock’s copious layers of eyeshadow when we watched Trek in the old days? At least, I didn’t. Perhaps it’s the resolution, technical advances etc. They certainly slapped it on!

  2. Yeah, it was a bit thick, but it brought out his lovely brown eyes!
    Of course, McCoy didn’t need much eye shadow (although you can see all the men on the show wore it, especially in the first season) De’s baby blues just sent me!

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