FArFri -10/25/13 — “The Morning After”

For this week’s Fan Art, a new StarTreKomic!  I haven’t made one of these in a while… you might call it the sequel to this one.

(be sure to read Spock’s word bubble first)    Silly me!

The Morning After

btw, Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, very busy with work and family, but I’ll have some more stuff next week! Thanks for your patience, Therese 🙂

4 thoughts on “FArFri -10/25/13 — “The Morning After”

  1. I’ve never seen that site, thanks! And yeah, the photoshopping was tricky- combining elements of The Way to Eden, Mirror Mirror, and of course, The Paradise Syndrome. (the best part of which was Spock aiding Miramanee!)

  2. The only one I recognised was Paradise Syndrome and yes, the best bit was him helping Pocohontes. Though I also liked the bits in his cabin. Talking of which, does no-one in the TOS universe get changed for bed, or even take off their boots? 1001 Trektales is a mine of good fic, well worth wandering through. Lots of blasts from the past.

    • Well…we DID see Kirk putting his boots back on in “Wink of an Eye” no doubt after getting laid by Deela. (They sneaked it by censors, quite shocking at the time)
      We also did see Uhura (Tholian Web) and Janice Rand (Charlie X in lounge-wear that could be conceived as nighties!

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