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FArFri: 6/14/13 “Poor Nurse Chapel” by Lamamama

ST__Poor_Nurse_Chapel_by_lamamamaAh, poor Nurse Chapel. It’s okay Nurse, if I was in a turbo lift with Spock, I’d be babbling too. love the ‘shiny perfection’.     To see the original version of this click here.

Repost of the final, Final, FINAL version of “The 430”

Hey kids, I posted this back in March, but forgot to categorize it under “My Star Trek Posters, so here it is again… Key coming soon, Enjoy, Therese


The Daily Scrapbook 5/14/13 Rare Comic Strip John Darling featuring Leonard Nimoy!

Here’s today’s flashback: from November 15-17th 1979, a now defunct daily comic strip featuring an inept, egotistical TV Talk show star, John Darling and his assortment of guests.  Darling was a spin-off from the comic Funky Wunderbean and ran from 1979-1990.   Nimoy appeared in two strips here, and, as in real life, he just doesn’t get the full respect from the media beyond being known as ‘ Mr. Spock’.  Oddly, he’s portrayed as a left-hander here too.


The Daily Scrapbook 6/12/13 A tabloid preview of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Here’s today’s flashback: From 1979, a full color (!) sneak peek at Star Trek: The Motion Picture from a supermarket tabloid (I think it’s The Star, but it could be The National Enquirer).  I recall being stunned at how different the Klingons looked, and that Spock had a pageboy haircut! (oh, the hippie!)  But it stoked my interest, as you can see, I cannibalized it so it would fit neatly into my scrapbook pages.

V3-09 title-AV3-09-AV3-09-A1V3-09-BV3-09-CV3-09-D

The Daily Scrapbook: 6/11/12 Poster for local showing of ‘Tribbles’

Here’s today’s flashback: From October 1979, a slap-dash poster from the halls of a local community college showing ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’.   As I recall back in the day, our local  ABC-TV affiliate station showed Star Trek on Monday through Friday’s at 6:00, and occasionally they’d loan out their  copies (on film-stock) to local  showcases.   But this wasn’t a local loan, I see that the poster has “Clem Williams Films. Inc” in the lower left hand corner, which was a distributor of 16mm films (in the era before VHS took over)  and the school must have rented it from them.  I recall my sister and her beau drove me out to the college so I could watch it! (wasn’t that nice?)  Oh sure, I could see it anytime on TV, but to see it on a big screen?  Bring it on.


My Weekly Spock 6/10/13 –Spock Therapy

Hi Kids.  I’m back.  I think I need some Spock-Therapy…

It's been a hard week

It’s been a hard week

Sometimes I'm just so sad.

Sometimes I’m just so sad.

Sometimes I want to scream

Sometimes I want to scream

Other times I'm just so mad

Other times I’m just so mad

Sometimes it feels like a nightmare

Sometimes it feels like a nightmare

I'll miss my Mom so much

I’ll miss my Mom so much

So thankful for my family and friends

So thankful for my family and friends

But if I concentrate

But if I concentrate

And breathe...

And breathe…

and pray with meditation

and pray with meditation

And keep her in my heart

And keep her in my heart

Slowly I'll make it through, and in time...

Slowly I’ll make it through, and in time…

The sun will shine again.

The sun will shine again.

Thank you all.

I just wanted to drop a note here to thank all of your who sent me messages of comfort and support at this sad time.   All of your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated and comforting, thank you so much.   We had a beautiful funeral for my Mom this past Monday: a true celebration of her life.  The support I’ve received has helped me, and continues to help me as I navigate through this time.   I’ll start posting here again next week.  Thanks again, Therese

IMG_5464 crop

The last, sadly prophetic but beautiful photo I took of my Mom, Anna, on Memorial Day, just as I was leaving her house.(several hours before the fall) She had just come out to get her daily dose of sunshine in her back yard, as she smiled, waved goodbye and said “I love you!”
I love you, Mom. Thank you for this gift. ❤